7 Rad Summer Camps For Young Jetsetters


Give your kids a summer they’re never going to forget by instilling a little bit of culture, and a whole lotta adventure!

shark camp

1. Jean-Michel Cousteau family camp

California is known for its gorgeous landscape along the Pacific Coast. The Catalina Island cove is especially ideal for children who love science. Jean-Michel Cousteau (Jacque’s son) is an oceanographer who developed a team of scientists at Ocean Futures Society to guide you and your kids through sails along the coast, snorkel trips and stargazing activities. For $3,400 you can get a fieldview cabin ($3,800 for beachview cabin) for you and your future marine biologist.

Facebook Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society

Photo: Facebook/Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society

2. Roller coaster camp

Who doesn’t love roller coasters? ThrillCoaster Tours organizes summer programs that take your teens to amusement parks across the U.S. For $1,395 – $2,995, trips include Dollywood, Hershey Park and staying at Hilton and Marriott hotels.

Facebook ThrillCoaster Tours

Photo: Facebook/ThrillCoaster Tours

3. Canoe Island French camp

Learning multiple languages is so important in paving the way for future travelers, why not start them young! In Washington’s Canoe Island, the summer camp is led by fluent instructors. From sailing, baking, to meals, everything is done by bilingual instructions. For $920, your kids will have one extra language mastered by the end of summer.

Facebook Canoe Island French Camp

Photo: Facebook/Canoe Island French Camp

4. Shark camp

There’s no place to spend a summer better than…Fiji! Even you’d want to go with your kid. Broadreach global summer educational adventures brings high school kids to the South Pacific via Fiji Shark Studies. For 24 days, there are classes taught on shark conservation, scuba diving lessons and volunteering at a local village. For $6,580, these students come back with a country crossed off their bucket lists and knowledge to protect animals.

www.gobroadreach.com shark camp fiji

Photo: gobroadreach.com

5. Concordia Language Villages

In Moorhead, Minnesota, summers are perfect for parents who want to instill cultural and linguistic skills in their children. Concordia Language Villages offer 15 different types of foreign language immersion programs aiming to reach language proficiency. From Arabic to Finnish, your child will be surrounded by cultural foods, streets and traditions taught by native speakers. A one-week sleepaway camp is $915, two-week camps are $1,925 and four-week high school credit camps are $4,275.

Courtesy: YouTube

6. Hollywood stunt camp

How do they make movie magic happen? Your kid can learn all about it at Hollywood Stunt Camp, located near Los Angeles, California. For $1,945, your kid will bring out the inner Thor by mastering high falls, hand-to-hand combat, swordplay techniques, choreograph a fight scene and of course, learn stunt safety.

Courtesy: YouTube

7. Yellowstone for families at Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park itself is a popular tourist destination during any time in the year. If you child loves the outdoors and nature, Yellowstone Association Institute has a fantastic summer four-day program that takes you and your kid hiking through beaver pond, go wildlife-spotting and learn about animals from their tracks. It costs $2,056, which includes lodging in the 1930s Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, full breakfast and a brown-bag lunch daily (dinners aren’t included.)

Yellowstone National Park 4

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