Atzaró Agroturismo Proves Ibiza Is Just As Fabulous In The Winter

For this winter season until March 2020, Atzaró has fabulous packages that invite guests to experience the stunning nature of Ibiza.

Why We Love This:It’s not often we come across a hotel that’s truly groundbreaking in its authenticity and simplicity. Atzaró has been a game-changer ever since it opened, as the very first hotel to bring agroturismo to Ibiza. Although the concept caught on quickly and there are now multiple hotels offering agroturismo in Ibiza’s countryside, Atzaró remains the most comprehensive and impressive by many miles. Atzaró is a triumph in natural luxury which envelopes guests into life in the authentic Ibiza and all of its glorious nature.  

The Story

The land on which Atzaró sits is a finca which has been in the Guasch family for five generations. The traditional Ibicenco estate was an orange farm in the northern part of the island. The original farmhouse still stands at the head of the estate, and has been renovated into the reception area. The current owner, Victor Guasch himself, is said to have been born in that farmhouse and old photos of his family affectionately hang on the walls.

In the 90s, the farm entered a period of decline. Victor made the decision to convert the finca into a hotel that would allow guests to take part in the idyllic Ibicenco way of life. Atzaró, the island’s very first agroturismo, opened in 2004. Since then, Atzaró has expanded into multiple restaurants and beach bars around Ibiza and a boutique yacht in Indonesia. Although it has grown into a global brand, Atzaró still represents top-to-bottom sustainability and going back to the roots of the land.

The Experience

The authentic Ibiza is an idyllic Mediterranean paradise of rural fields with juniper trees, white houses sitting on the hillside and local Ibicencos celebrating harvests on small family estates. When creating Atzaró, Victor Guasch was inspired to show guests the enchanting, rustic Ibiza from his childhood.

Ibiza has a rich, bright red soil in which plants grow like magic. It’s this beautiful red soil that makes the island a fertile agricultural paradise. In order to be an agroturismo a hotel must have a working farm, and Atzaró certainly has more than one farm on property. The extensive vegetable farm produces all of the fresh crops served in the restaurants. There’s also a smaller herbal garden where flowers and herbs are grown for homemade spa products. Many of the orange trees from the original orange grove are still present all throughout the property. Guests are welcome to pick and eat oranges from any of the trees and Atzaró also makes its own brand of tangy orangecello.

As guests roam the 13 hectares (32 acres) of the property, they’re continually immersed in the nature around them. Happy roosters cluck around waking up guests in the mornings, while untroubled cats lounge away on divans throughout the property. There are numerous rest areas where guests can sit and relax next to gardens, trees and pools. Strolling through the farms, orange groves and lush landscaping makes guests feel as if they’re staying on a family estate rather than a hotel.

Natural luxury is a concept that’s been perfected at Atzaró. The design of each space feels totally organic and relaxed. The original tiles and sabina wood beams of the farmhouse are still present. The dining spaces, both indoors at La Veranda or outdoors at The Orange Tree, are open and rustic; meant to be enjoyed in a highly social long-table fashion. The spacious rooms feel more like villas as most of them have a private walkway, veranda or garden, and are scattered throughout the property. All of the furniture is custom-made by Atzaró. Each piece is beautifully built from native sabina (juniper) wood and brings out the effortless comfort and leisure of the countryside.

Farm-to-Fork Dining

Anything you eat at Atzaró is a farm-to-fork dining experience. This means all of the produce on your plate came from the farm behind the restaurant onto your fork. It’s literal heaven for health nuts and organic foodies who like to keep track of where their food comes from. Guests can rest assured that whatever protein or product which isn’t produced on property is sourced locally from within the island.

The gorgeous produce from the farm really is the best thing about eating at Atzaró. There’s nothing more exciting than biting into the vibrant kale, pumpkin, arugula, lettuce and tomatoes from the farm and being able to taste all their robust flavors. The kale salad, generously heaped with fresh greens and pumpkins, is a must. And so is the mouthwatering burratina with sweet homemade jam, pesto and the juiciest tomatoes you will ever eat.

La Veranda is the perfect breezy Mediterranean restaurant for any occasion. All day, guests can pop into the sunny restaurant to order Spanish favorites, like jamón ibérico or pulpo (seared octopus), as well as pasta, salads and seafood.

Winter Wellbeing Breaks at Atzaró

Winter is actually a blessing in Ibiza, once the boisterous partiers leave after the summer and the island goes back to its natural rural bliss. Winter on the island is incredibly peaceful and restorative. Most of the businesses in Ibiza close after the main season, but Atzaró stays open all year round with special offers for the winter.

For this winter season until March 2020, Atzaró has fabulous packages that invite guests to experience the stunning nature of Ibiza. Guests can choose between walking or biking packages that include guided tours throughout the Ibiza countryside. For the nature walking tours, a lovely guide from Walking Ibiza will take you through fields, mountains and forests while sharing deep knowledge of the island’s history and native species. Our guide, John, was a delightful conversationalist who taught us that life as an Ibicenco really is as dreamy as what people imagine.

Along with the walking and cycling tours around the countryside, Atzaró’s Winter Wellbeing Breaks include one or three nights in a superior room, a la carte and buffet breakfast and full use of spa facilities. Atzaró’s stunning spa facilities leave absolutely nothing to be desired. The spa consists of zen treatment rooms, steamy hammam, indoor sauna and an adorable pod sauna outdoors with a view of the herbal garden. Guests can also rejuvenate themselves with yoga and wellness classes offered daily and workouts at the fully equipped gym.

Exploring the idyllic countryside, unwinding at the spa and enjoying the natural luxury of the finca create the Mediterranean winter escape of your dreams. Book any one of Atzaró’s Winter Wellbeing Breaks to find out why winter in Ibiza is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

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